Thursday, December 20, 2012

Now, I can smile..

Salam alaik,

Siapakah orang yang manis senyumannya?

Orang yang mempunyai senyuman yang manis adalah orang yang apabila ditimpa musibah lalu dia berkata:

Inna lillahi wainna ilaihi raajiuunn..

Lalu berkata "Ya Rabbi, aku redha dengan ketentuanMu ini.."

You know..
Allah is the best Healer.

Yesterday, I had hurt myself so much that I couldn't bear anymore hurts.
And I thought I couldn't move either.

But look,
Today I smile so beautifully that I don't remember my last tears.
And I walk ahead, put my trust to My Healer.

Ya Allah,
I know You are so close to me.
I know You heard me.
And I ashamed of myself because I am the one that move away.

But Your love and Your mercy
Have save me from being too far.
Your Love saved me. Your Mercy caught me.
And I turn to You, ask for Your forgiveness.
I repented and hope for Your bless.

Allow me to say these
Today, I could smile just because of You
Today, I could walk  just because of You.
And I couldn't ask more.

Just, Thank You.
I love You.

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