Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Abah

Abah, abah nampak hensem la in this picture..

He is my papa. He always there for me when I was sicked, I got problems, I got to go to school, I need my broken spectacle to be changed, etc, etc..

He would ride me with our old motorcycle to go anywhere,everywhere I wanted. 

To the clinic. I always sicked when I was young. The most common reasons - some big n painful ulcers or sometimes gastric. Now, whenever I got ulcer I will remember bonceng belakang abah pergi clinic amek ubat. Huhu. :'(

To the school. Selalu susahkan abah amek dan hantar pergi balik sekolah. Im sorry abah. But untuk naik basikal yang bukan saizku, agak mencabar la jugak. Naik bus? Lagilah abah x bagi.

To the Sitiawan to bought a new spectacle. Every year I changed the new one. I would say im not competent to handle this fragile thingy. But after he left, I learnt how expensive the spectacles are. :(

I really appreciate my time with you.especially the 'bonceng' part. I love be at your back, abah. The time I can hug you, because I was so shy to do that intentionally.

I miss you. I pray to Allah to place you among the righteous, the mukminin and the sholihin. May Allah forgive your sin and save you from the hellfire.

I love you abah. I really sorry for not being there for u. I thank to Allah for His gift to me -a such wonderful, patient, and lovely father to my family. He is my hero, my saviour, my all.

I love you abah. Really do.